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Since Alimak’s offshore elevators first entered the oil & gas market in 1974, over 1,000 elevators have been delivered to the industry. Three factors drive this success:

1. Broad offering of vertical access solutions to the offshore industry.
Alimak offers a broad product portfolio of both rack-and-pinion and traction elevators to the offshore industry.
- The Rack and Pinion drive principle has unique characteristics, because of the ruggedness and dependability that it brings to the elevators.
- Our Traction elevators is the convenient alternative giving superior ride comfort in living quarters but also outdoor elevators complete with water tight elevator shaft.

2. Unique capacity to handle special products or projects.
Our capacity and experience in providing the technical and administrative support necessary to meet the stringent demands of the offshore industry, including explosion protected requirements.

3. Outstanding offshore support services – all over the world.
Alimak elevators are provided through a worldwide network of Alimak sales companies and distributors. Local service and support is provided in more than 70 countries around the world. This means easy access to support, spare parts and skilled service technicians.

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