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Hydraulic Equipment

Alrose Products Ltd

Alrose Products design, engineer, manufacture and sell Gas Springs, Dampers and Struts for the most demanding applications from marine and food to aerospace and medical.Our complete in house engineering capability ensures that we can meet all your engineering requirements.

  • Design and specification – our engineering team have assisted numerous engineers in specifying gas springs that will be suitable for their particular application.  We always find that the sooner we are involved in your design process the faster and easier a solution is found for you.
  • Manufacture – our UKAS accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification allows us to consistently produce high quality precision springs. Our Engineering team can develop specific solutions for you to ensure that the correct gas spring can be created.  We not only stock springs ready for PDI and despatch, we can also manufacture bespoke springs for you.
  • Titanium springs one third the mass of a stainless steel variant – where weight, strength and performance are your constraints.  Aerospace and performance automotive are our regular markets with this product.
  • High quality stainless steel springs for the marine market, or anywhere that is exposed to the elements.
  • Non magnetic springs as used on medical equipment such as MRI and CT scanners.  Also capable of being fitted to hospital and operating theatre beds.
  • High temperature seals can be fitted to ensure longevity in hot environments, current customer applications include automotive engine compartments, industrial furnaces and food processing equipment.
  • Food grade lubricants can be specified for applications where contamination might be of concern to you.  Food processing machinery manufactures usually specify this option.

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