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Stauff Anglia Ltd

Stauff Anglia have established themselves as a major supplier of Stauff Products across a wide range of industries and applications.

Stauff products have achieved worldwide recognition through excellent quality and service and subsequently are now specified in many areas within the Offshore and Marine sector.

Stauff clamps have long been a valued product in this sector. Now, with the Stauff Anti Corrosion (ACT) pipe and tube clamp ranges, new opportunities for increasing service life and saving installation costs, have become a valued addition for all manner of pipework applications.

The use of Stauff pipe clamps and associated products, extends into key associated areas such as Fire Prevention, especially with products for sprinkler and fogging systems.

Stauff Anglia also have considerable experience of pipework systems embracing rigid and flexible pipelines, including very high pressure systems.

Stainless Steel products are widely available for many other hostile and demanding applications and most of their principal pipework components such as tubes and couplings, test and diagnostic systems. Stauff pipe clamps, continue to be developed for a wide variety of markets. For example, Fire resistance and vibration reduction with material and assembly variants, such as clamp base plates that can be stud welded or bonded in position.

The variety of Stauff Pipe Clamp options is extensive, you can find a comprehensive guide on our website and many can subsequently be bought online.

We are always pleased to receive your calls to discuss how to achieve the best components selection for your specific application and we are only too happy to share our knowledge and application experience.


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