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Engine Repairs

RJS Marine

With alternators and regulators from Balmar, solar panels and accessories by Solbian, batteries by Rolls, Odyssey and Super-B, chargers, inverters and MPPT controllers by Victron, we’ve got most of the power and charge side of things taken care of.

If you’re an existing Balmar customer, or considering becoming one, then you’ll be pleased to know that we also supply a full range of Balmar spares and accessories, including serpentine conversion kits for a growing number of popular engines, as well as service and rebuild kits for the entire range.

From simple AGC glass fuses through to heavy duty class T types, Blue Sea Systems provide a range of fuses that are sure to suit your needs. If it's circuit breakers you're after, Blue Sea Systems offer a range from the very simple and economical PBRO (Push Button Reset Only), through to the heavy duty 187 series. Also included in the range are a selection of ELCI and GFCI breakers to ensure a safe AC installation

As well as breakers and fuses, Blue Sea Systems also offer a full range of holders from the simplest In-Line fuse holders, to the IP (Ignition Protected) range. IP holders are available for AMG / MEGA and AMI / MIDI fuses, as well as the multi fuse SafetyHub range, a unique product allowing a multi fused solution for simple electrical circuits.

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