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Slinden Services Ltd (Cast Iron Welding)

Marine Casting Repairs and Reconditioning
We have established an excellent reputation in the Shipping Industry for Cast Iron Welding Repairs and On Site Metal Stitching Repairs of Diesel Marine Engines and their components. Our specifically developed unique welding procedure is proven to breathe new life into many marine items from Cylinder Heads, Turbocharger Casings, Pistons, Liners and Exhaust Housings to name a few. These items without our expertise, would be removed from service and the customer would have no alternative but to replace with new and expensive parts. All components are repaired by using our welding technique approved by LLOYDS REGISTER and we are proud to offer classification certificates from all the major classification societies including Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd and American Bureau of Ship    

Unique Defect Sheets and Photos
Each job received at our factory in the UK is issued with a unique job number and defect sheet which includes a digital photograph of the item and its defects.

Welding Procedure
The components progress through our gas fusion welding process beginning with detailed preparation of the defect(s) before the casting is preheated in its own oven where precise temperatures are set to ensure the correct FUSION of material and proper stress relief. Final Testing: A full test procedure is carried out to SNT-TC-1A to establish a 100% repair has been achieved. The item can then be fully machined complying with the manufacturers tolerances, spare parts fitted if necessary ie Valve Guides, Seats etc, Final Pressure Test, Shot Blasting, Cleaning and Final Inspection.

Metal Stitching
We also offer an onsite Metal Stitching service to repair many cracked and broken marine parts whilst in situ, thus enabling the ship to continue with its journey to the next available port where we can be there ready to meet them and carry out their urgent repairs.

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