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Hydrex Underwater Technology

Providing a service that is both versatile and effective, Hydrex has built a reputation as the world’s leading underwater repair and replacement specialists. Building on an ever-expanding worldwide network of offices and support bases, Hydrex can provide fast service at reasonable costs.

The services offered range from an inspection of an external condition and any required maintenance work all the way through to highly technical major repairs or replacements of a ship’s external underwater equipment and machinery. This is done with our mobdocks. Mobdock is short for ‘mobile mini drydock’. With this technology work below the water line is done by taking a small mobile drydock environment to the vessel, rather than by taking it to a shore based drydock. With the implementation of this technique Hydrex diver/technicians can perform permanent repairs to all parts of the underwater ship propulsion system, as well as steel work or crack repairs in drydock-like conditions.

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