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Digital Edge Subsea Ltd

Digital Edge Subsea is a specialist company working primarily in the oil and gas industry based in Ulverston, UK. Our goal is to deliver easy to use but extremely capable digital video recording systems to the remote operated vehicle (ROV) and diving industry.

Digital Edge Subsea started by producing the original EdgeDVR in 2009, a single channel SD digital video recorder and inspection system. The EdgeDVR was born out of the frustrations of the founders experience offshore, using systems that were complex, not intuitive and prone to failure.

From the start we had several guiding principles that we still aim at today in the design of our products:-

  •     Really simple to use for the operators
  •     Reliable
  •     Capable of doing what the client requires
  •     Provide excellent support

Digital Edge Subsea now produces a range of products and supplies systems to many of the major offshore operators worldwide. Digital Edge Subsea is a trusted brand with a reputation for excellent support.

Ulverston is a small market town based in Cumbria, just 10 miles down the road from the ship building (now BAE Systems submarine building) town of Barrow-in-Furness. It is a hot spot for specialist subsea companies with Tritech (sonar), Siemens (Tronic connectors), Orcina (offshore design software), Link Subsea (subsea moulding and connectors), Fortis Design (ROV tooling, submersible design and sonar surveying) and Blueprint Subsea (sonar and subsea navigation design and manufacturing) all based in and around the town.

Barrow-in-Furness has many companies working in the offshore oil, gas and wind industries, with one of the largest windfarms in Europe based just a few hundred meters off the coast of the town.


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