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Mainprize Offshore’s First-In-Class WFSSV Line-Up in Denmark

Tuesday, 4th February 2020

Mainprize Offshore, the world-renown builder, owner and global operator of wind farm service and support vessels (WFSSVs), has showcased three of its fleet of ground-breaking vessels in a line-up in the port of Esbjerg in Jutland, Denmark.

The three vessels are part of the Mainprize Offshore fleet of nine craft, all of which service the offshore sector, primarily focusing on the renewables and wind farm sector whilst also undertaking surveying, diving and other operations for its worldwide client base. 

The Scarborough headquartered business launched its new build wind farm vessel, the MO5 in September, which boasts numerous first-in-class achievements. 

The MO5’s equally innovative sisterships, the MO1 and MO3, both built by Mainprize Offshore are currently operating from the Jutland region, providing crew and cargo support to offshore wind turbines.
The MO1 was the first Mainprize Offshore vessel built by the company and specifically designed to meet the ever increasing current and future demands of the offshore sector. The design of the vessel which has a wave piercing bow on a hydrofoil dynamic and multi-chined hull provides unique lift and drag reduction, cruising at 23 knots at a modest 14litres per mile.
Her twin Caterpillar C32 engines and bow thrusters together with four-point anchor systems also enables it to deliver exceptional station keeping. Four 20ft containers can be carried aft with over 100m2 deck space, provides extensive deck area fore and aft, for both wind farm support and dive operations, together with two crane mounting points.  

The MO1 is also ideal for geo-surveying, features a 1.5m2 moonpool and the extensive bridge which features an extended computer area enabling up to five people can monitor the survey activity with ease. The bridge’s capabilities include bathymetric, sidescan sonar, 2D seismic and magnetometer surveys, bottom and sub-bottom profiling and AUV/ROV survey work. 

The MO3 is similarly designed to match that of the MO1, with her capabilities including drop core, grab sampling, water sampling, trawl survey, depth of burial, object location-and-recovery and route surveys, plus scour monitoring, intertidal and bird surveys.

Mainprize has supported many other offshore wind farm sites, including; Sherringham Shoal, Hornsea, Triton Knoll, Blyth, Thornton Bank, Princess Amalia, Thanet, Kentish Flats, Greater Gabbard, Galloper, Gwynt y Mor, Q10, Dan Tysk, Sandbank, Horns Rev1,2,3, Rhyl Flats, Butendiek, Nordergrunde, Westermost Rough, London Array, Luchterduinen and Race Bank. 

Prior to the MO5’s arrival, Mainprize Offshore’s fleet of eight vessels were already delivering far beyond that of its competitors in terms of capacity, crew comfort, transfer heights and cost-efficiency. Since her delivery in October the new MO5 has further complemented the fleet’s capabilities, delivering even greater results to Mainprize Offshore’s clients than previously achieved.

Bob Mainprize, Mainprize Offshore’s MD commented, “The MO5 was devised to maximise efficiency, crew and passenger comfort. Predominately designed as a ‘bring-to-work’ and high-speed cargo carrying solution for wind farm operatives and their equipment, the semi-SWATH high-load design, which carries 24 passengers and six crew members, is also suitable for operations including search and rescue, diving and surveying.”

He continues, “It is hugely exciting for both our clients and for us to discover how well the new vessel is performing. The MO5 is entirely exceeding all our expectations.” Following on from only 14 days on site the client activated all contractual options, clearly demonstrating the performance of the vessel and crew.”

Working closely with British naval architect firm, Walker Marine Design (WMD) who also designed the MO3 and MO4, the new MO5 semi-small waterplane area twin hull craft (SWATH) can uniquely transfer cargo and passengers in over 2mHs. Having a top speed of 26 knots and optimum running speed of 22 knots the 26-metre vessel is also class leader for cargo carrying, offering a payload of 70 tonnes. Furthermore, the MO5’s four-point anchoring enables her to undertake external dive operations with the added optional benefit of carrying a full dive suit and decompression chamber.

This design ethos testifies to the continuing evolution of the Mainprize Offshore line of vessels, being renowned as leaders in their class in providing a high-end and value added, cost-efficient service.
Following a very brief spell in port, the Mainprize Offshore trio of vessels returned to their duties off the coast of Jutland and Helgoland.

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